Integrated Counselling

Integrated Counselling is a platform for professional therapists trained in various therapeutic, cutting edge healing modalities. We provide a gentle supportive atmosphere for real transformation.

Lela Iselin





Lela Iselin, Psychotherapist, healer

Lela practices a shamanic approach to healing. She will guide you to meet and transform whatever you feel hinders you from living a full and vibrant expression of yourself.

Even the smallest willingness for change, taken seriously, is enough.

To book an appointment contact Lela Iselin at 780 908 5352 or

David Solazzo

David Solazzo, MSW, RSW Psychotherapist / Counsellor

What makes David stand out is his compassion and his ability to see each person’s innocence.
He works on two levels 1: using effective, short term counselling techniques to help ease the
pain of a specific crisis and develop strategies to get through it quickly. 2: working together to
address old wounds that have bubbled up to the surface to be healed and reconnect to inner

To book an appointment contact David Solazzo at 780-231-6585 or

Gian Gibson

Gian Gibson Registered Massage Therapist (NHPC), Certified Rolfer

With over five years of practice and 3000+ hours of training, Gian customizes his treatments accordingly to reduce pain, restore structural/functional balance and awareness. He focuses his
work on the fascia—the sheathing membrane that covers muscles, tendons, and organs.

Gian Gibson at 780.297.4426 or for consultation.
Visit and click on “About Rolfing” for more detailed information.

Gian Gibson

Angela Baldinger-Crowley MA, Professional Life Coach, Expressive Arts Facilitator

As your life coach Angela works with you to reveal your clarity and uncover what matters most to you. In the coaching session you will both find your own answers and the means to implement them effectively in your life. In this way real change begins - from inside out.

“Finding clarity and bringing what matters most to you into your life”

Angela also offers business and career coaching for empowerment of creativity in meeting the challenges of starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

Contact To book an appointment contact Angela Baldinger-Crowley, 780 977 0325 or

Gian Gibson

Joanna Shandro, Psychologist / Therapist

As a body-centered therapist, Joanna uses a variety of processes, such as EMDR and Hakomi, to support clients in connecting with unresolved, stuck programs or old trauma wounds, wherever they are being held in the body. She then assists clients to embrace these old wounds with loving presence allowing them to unravel and heal in a gentle and organic way.

Joanna also has a special interest in the awakening of consciousness and uses The Work of Byron Katie and other enlightened beings to assist clients in getting dis-entangled from the illusion of form. One of Joanna’s favourite sayings is; “don’t believe everything you think”!!!

Contact To book an appointment with Joanna, please call 780 922-4267, or email her at

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